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Barbecue Chicken Pizza

August 8, 2010

Posted by: Jenny

Another particular challenge I’ve faced in learning to cook is that I’m usually cooking for only two people.  One benefit is that I have no ridiculously picky kids to account for (well, except myself), but many recipes are often designed with at least four people in mind.  I’m not a huge fan of leftovers, and some recipes don’t scale down very well.

One solution I’ve found is to coordinate meals so the left over ingredients in one night’s dinner are also called for in a meal I plan to prepare a day or two later.  For the following barbecue chicken pizza recipe, I always start out with excess boiled chicken breast from a recipe used earlier in the week.  I find I can easily get two meals out of one pound of chicken this way; it’s economical and makes the pizza even easier to prepare.

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Easy Peazy Chicken Cheezy

July 27, 2010

This recipe is exactly like it’s name suggests…easy! I love this recipe and don’t know why I don’t make it more often.  For someone who loves cheese and is constantly having to watch the food I put in my mouth, this recipe is perfect.  It’s low in calories and zomg so cheezy.


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Beer and Cheese Soup: Creamy, Savory Comfort in a Bowl

July 19, 2010

Posted by:  Jenny

I first had beer and cheese soup on my honeymoon at Le Cellier, a Canadian restaurant in Disney World.  As you might guess, few things create romance like Mickey Mouse, ale, and cheddar.

My husband and I both loved this soup.  It was served with the restaurant’s signature pretzel bread, and most diners tend to dip the bread in the soup.  For me, the soup is pretty much an excuse to eat lots of bread.  It has a somewhat smoky flavor from the bacon and beer, and while it’s too rich to make on a regular basis, it’s one of Andrew’s favorite special meals.  Read more…

Quick Potato Salad – For When You’re Running Late To A Cookout!

July 18, 2010

I definitely WAS running late for a cookout. After perusing several potato salad recipes, I found the following on the Idaho potato website. It was pretty much the only one that didn’t require boiling the potatoes for like 48 days… ok, I exaggerate, more like two hours. However, when you don’t get off work until 7pm, you don’t have two hours to boil potatoes and then 2 more hours to chill the potato salad. The whole thing from peeling the potatoes to finished product took me less then two hours. So without further ado!

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Creme Brulee – Complicated Sounding Name, Easy Recipe

July 15, 2010

Not long ago, I got an insatiable craving for creme brulee. It’s one of those delicious desserts that almost every mid-level to five star restaurant carries. Sadly, every place I went to had no creme brulee. With every restaurant I became more and more determined to find some creme brulee! The hard, crunchy, sugary exterior that gives way to the deliciously smooth, creamy, custard underbelly, I was obsessed. It took me going all the way to another town to finally find some. I devoured it and had to use all of my will power not to order seconds.

I decided the next time I made my way over to the mall, I would have to purchase ramekins and a butane torch from Williams-Sonoma so I could make ridiculous amounts of creme brulee whenever I darn well pleased! Well, I did just that, and the following is the result of two different attempts.  Read more…

Organic Mushroom Meat Muffins – Does it sound dirty to you?

July 14, 2010

Growing up I watched my mother try to scrape two cents together in order to make our small family a decent meal.  She was a great cook, but her meals were simple and she certainly had no time to teach me anything different.

I’ve been cooking for my husband for over 4 years now and thankfully his pallet is not very sophisticated and he enjoys the cheesy carb overloaded casseroles, the gravy laden roasts and the 20 different ways I can whip up a potato!

However, and there is always a however, I was just not satisfied with what we were eating.  I started out experimenting…and throwing out quite a few dishes!  Let me just tell you right now that Peas, Spaghetti and Soy sauce do not make a very good meal. Read more…

Spicy-Sweet Chicken Wraps and Cherry Limeade: Easy-Peasy Summer Breezy

July 14, 2010

Posted by: Jenny

Balmy summer nights call for quick, simple meals that can please a crowd.  When you’ve been out in the sun all day with friends and family, you often crave something light and refreshing that doesn’t require expending much time or energy in the kitchen.   And if you’ve brought the friends and family home with you, then you need a dish that can be made in large quantities, too.

I had my two friends and younger cousin over for a little karaoke party last night.  Crooning off-key at glass-shattering decibels requires food that won’t weigh down the singer (and we use that term loosely). In addition, the performer must have a cool beverage nearby to soothe the throat after an impassioned cover of “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”  There’s danger of damaging the vocal cords, otherwise.  No, seriously.  How do you think Bonnie Tyler ended up with that throaty growl? Read more…